Friday, March 19, 2010


The varied schedules on class, homework, eating, sleeping, and partying of students in college results in periods of boredom that could be used effectively to do your work while everyone else is doing work. Of course, it’s too sensible to finish all your assignments when there is truly nothing else to do. This is where procrastination comes in. The Internet provides lots of opportunities to waste dead time; however, even laptops get boring after awhile. For instance, when your hand hurts from playing too much Tetris. Next, people usually gravitate to video game systems like, Xbox; however, I find video games boring when not played in a group. My likely choice is a nap, possibly a very long one until the next morning. Otherwise, one can read except that reminds me of school work, ugh. Then, there is always cleaning. I doodle. Sometimes, I go on bike rides or if I’m daring a run. FOOD! (enough said). Ultimately, my old procrastination/boredom fallback is staring at a wall. I’m not joking but, that’s only after I get tired of watching cars on the highway and people in the park outside my window. I should probably get more posters for my walls.

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