Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook Benefits

I’d just like to thank the Internet for providing so many ways to procrastinate. My recent favorite has been Facebook. There are just so many things to do its unhealthy; however yesterday, I experienced a moment of extreme joy merely because Facebook allows me to quickly communicate with all my friends. While stuck writing a paper in my dorm, I happened to hear bag pipes, which is quite unusual in the Kenmore Square area of Boston, if not everywhere. But, my luck, it was St. Paddy’s Day. Really excited about this random occurrence I posted a status about it on Facebook: there’s a guy playing bag pipes outside my window. Hahah. And a very short time later, someone confirmed the how amazingly awesome this event I witnessed was. Nothing else so meaningless can bring such a sense of joy than people “liking” the Facebook status you thought was epic. Yes, stupid little things make me overly happy and excited. It feels like a great accomplishment sharing random and bizarre events in your day and getting comments on and having others “liking” your status. For at least 30 seconds during its prime on Facebook, it truly was a fantastic event.

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